Which Are the Best Materials for Door Handles

Which Are the Best Materials for Door Handles


Door handles are often overlooked but are one of the very defining elements of a home. When chosen uniformly, they add class, aesthetics, distinction, and rare sophistication to your home. Plus, choosing to decorate your home with designer door handles will add a touch of luxury rarely found in other homes. Typically, door handles are durable and are made from durable materials such as marble, brass, and aluminum. But which material is best for door handles?

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The best material for door handles

Knobs on doors, cabinets, dressers, and drawers should match the shape and decor of the room, so ideally they should be different. Only door handles are covered in this blog.

1. Marble

Marble door handles are sturdy, easy to clean, and durable. This material does not scratch and is very easy to polish. Also, marble door handles are considered very luxurious and elegant. They add a unique touch to your home’s aesthetic décor and will certainly enhance its appearance when placed on a wooden door. Marble handles look stylish and modern. Styles and matches may vary with marble countertops.


 2. Brass

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that has been used to make doorknobs since ancient times. To keep your brass door handles perfectly golden for a long time, they need to be treated with wax or varnish. Otherwise, a bluish-green coating may form on the surface and completely spoil the appearance. Brass fixtures should be polished regularly and should be avoided in areas exposed to the environment. Brass is great if you are looking for durability as it will not age or tarnish over the years. However, this means that brass knobs are quite expensive. Another thing to note with brass knobs is that polished brass is prone to fingerprints and scratches. It’s very easy.


3. Stainless Steel door handles

Stainless steel is a type of steel usually composed of iron, carbon, and other materials. It is very durable and strong. This is a fantastic choice for a doorknob as it is hard to break in due to its high strength and adds an added level of security. Cost-effective because of the large number of steel door handles available. However, not all steel is stainless, so only a fraction is resistant to corrosion and rust. When purchasing a steel door handle, state that you want a stainless steel handle to ensure product durability and minimize accidents. It is also one of the most practical and durable materials for door handles.

Stainless Steel door handles

4. Glass door handle

When we look at the glass, our gaze is immediately captivated by its elegance despite its fragility. This is the material that many designers choose for doorknobs because it can give your space a glamorous and sophisticated look. Likewise, it can also add personality, as not many places use this material as a door handle option. However, these door handles are prone to cracking and breakage due to the glass. As a result, they are only suitable for individuals who are willing to exercise extreme caution when using them.

5. Black door handle

Black door handles are the latest and most unique fashion trend in the modern world. These door handles have been installed in all new facilities because they completely change the interior. Adding black doorknobs to your home adds class and elegance. Black iron is used in all modern homes today. Black goes with everything, so you don’t have to worry about the material of the door. One of the downsides of black handles is that they are difficult to keep clean.

5. Black door handle

6. Aluminum alloy

A common and excellent choice for designer door handles is the aluminum alloy handle. They are lighter and do not form rust prone to rusting of steel. It is also ideal for outdoor use as it does not readily respond to environmental conditions. So, if you are looking for a door handle that is durable and easy to maintain, go for an aluminum handle. It is one of the least expensive metals for cabinet knobs and can be crafted in a variety of ways. These handles are usually very strong but can be slightly dented. Lighter than other metal handles.

6. Aluminum alloy

 7. Wood

Wood should not be used for outdoor door handles as it can react to moisture and rain and deteriorate. However, it is the perfect tough and durable material for interior door handles. Wooden handles are perfect for traditional and rustic cabinetry and are available in a variety of colors. May be vulnerable to water, but wooden cabinets Pens are a great choice because they are very inexpensive, versatile, and usually the easiest to hold. 


8. Zinc Alloy

Zinc alloy adds a beautiful finish and durable shed look to the surroundings. It is perfectly sturdy, easy to clean, and maintains its luster. Choose it because it is economical, affordable, and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Zinc Alloy

  9. Crystal

Knobs tend to reflect and refract light, so they’ll add some sparkle to your home.
The geometric shape and fashionable appearance are also strong points of this pen. However, crystal handles may be more fragile than those made from other materials.


Take away

With these material considerations in mind, designer door handles are the perfect way to enhance the look of your home.

• Regularly clean and disinfect doorknobs as everyone touches them.

• Make sure the doorknob you choose fits perfectly with the rest of the décor in your home.

Door handles should be selected with durability, design, and especially material in mind. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best material for your door handle today!

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