6 top tips on choosing kitchen cabinet handles

6 top tips on choosing kitchen cabinet handles


Cabinet handles are the final touches in a kitchen and they can be traditional, contemporary, or minimalist. Selecting kitchen cabinet handles has to be done with care because they often last a lifetime and begin to look increasingly jerking if not chosen properly.

Kitchen cabinet handles come to be the last thing on your mind when building a kitchen or renovating an existing one. They are small, and obligatory but don’t cost as much as the rest of the materials. There are several things to think of including styles, finishes, and ultimately, the overall outcome you are seeking. They are often bought because we like them, independent of how they enhance the decor or blend with the overall look.

6 top tips on choosing kitchen cabinet handle

6 top tips on choosing kitchen cabinet handles:

These following 6 top tips will ensure you never go wrong with their choice:

1. Quality and Function

It is very important to choose well-designed and quality cabinet handles for your kitchen. You want your kitchen handles to be comfortable as you will be using them often to open and close. The main criterion for choosing handles is their quality.

A properly designed, good-quality handle stands the test of time. Handles and knobs are often touched and pulled while opening and closing kitchen doors and cabinets. They must look stylish, but more importantly, they should be functional and strong.

Test the handles before you decide to buy them. Select the handle that catches your attention and hold it in your hand. Check whether they can be grabbed easily, and pulled properly. The grip is very important, especially considering people who may have bigger hands or older people with joint problems. While choosing handles, check the material of the handles that you are buying and with what warranties they come.

2. Select Kitchen knob type

Kitchen knobs are very different from handles and pull, they are generally a little harder to use. The difference might be insignificant but both of these have different features and objectives that can affect the overall look of the kitchen. They are more traditional and could fit the kitchen lineup with this type of design profile.

Round knobs are more casual, and welcoming and have a home-style look. They work well in an older setting, with wood-based cabinets and rustic decor. Kitchen cabinet handles and pulls are more modern and contemporary. They complement steel kitchens, and minimalism and look sophisticated. There is no fixed rule however and each can be interchanged with the other. Pull are good for modern kitchens, but they are also a lot easier to use, which is something to take into consideration if you are designing a kitchen with accessibility needs.

3. Cabinet Handle Size

Handles are available in different sizes and lengths. It is up to you whether you want to combine the look of the same handle type or keep them the same throughout. If you want to maintain the same look, against drawer length, then similar lengths are appropriate. There are handles available in a medium length that can match any type of kitchen cabinet. If you aren’t convinced what these are, then ask your kitchen designer.

Even though, you can install cabinet and drawer handles with different lengths depending on your choice and working style. Generally, you need to choose cabinet handles and drawer handles for your kitchen that is not too long or too short but long enough to easily work. Nevertheless, if you are not sure, take the assistance of expert kitchen designers who can suggest the right size of kitchen handles for your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

4. Stylish

What style is needed to create for your kitchen and what style do you seek? Do you want to keep it this way, or do you wish to change it to match the outside? These days there are no hard and fast rules, except – to know why you are doing what you are doing! This is also very essential for resale. The best idea is to visit a style display home in your area, generally, they are professionally designed according to current trends & styles.

5. Kitchen Cabinets Handle Material & Finish

Once you decide on the size, style, quality, and function of a knob or a handle, the next is to know the kind of material or finish you want. Cabinet handles and pulls you can get in myriad different materials, from special steel to polished brass and even simple plastic.

As per experience, steel or chrome handles exude a modern, sophisticated look whereas brass and bronze are more traditional and antiquated. Plastic knobs work well in unnoticeable areas. Finishes also differ and can go from matte or glossy black to pewter, brass, and steel. Think about other kitchen elements before deciding on the finish.

Black handles don’t look very good with pastel shades and a brass look may not suit red cabinets. Likewise brushed stainless steel blends in beautifully with steel sinks and chrome appliances.

6. Kitchen Cabinets Handle Position

It is essential to fix handles and knobs after the cabinets have been installed in the kitchen. Stand in your new kitchen and hold handles against cabinet drawers and doors. As per the general rule, vertical handles are placed on doors and horizontal on drawers. Also, they need to be placed on doors where they won’t crash into each other. Placing handles horizontally on cabinet doors is uncommon but looks good in some kitchens. Contemporary and streamlined kitchens have no handles. A recessed lip at the top of each door and front of the drawer creates a channel that helps pull those outwards.


Choosing the right kitchen cabinet handles is about adding the finishing touch to your grand design.  With some careful planning and a little bit of thought, you can make sure that the kitchen handles are the pieces that make your kitchen stand out and give it that wow factor!

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